Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information

The company ensures upon its operation that all personal information is handled with utmost confidentiality and security adhering to the company policy. Personal information provided for Villa Rubeshibe Hill will be used only for the intended purpose by consent.
Below is the company policy regarding the use and protection of personal information.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The company complies with the National Ministry guidelines of laws and regulations of privacy policy upon handling personal information ( which identifies a specific individual, as follows ).

Use of Personal Information

The company will utilize personal information provided upon consent only to the extent necessary for intended purposes except in cases permitted by laws and regulations.

Obtaining Personal Information

The company will obtain personal information upon clarifying information regarding the conditions of use at Villa Rubeshibe Hill. Information such as permitted use of Villa in terms of intended use, co-users / owners and inquiry contact will be provided. In some cases, transactions and inquiries may be subject to recording.

Security Control Measures

The company will take appropriate security control measures in order to prevent unauthorized access, fraud, identity theft, and unintended use of personal information utilizing the state of the art security system.


The company will never provide personal information without a client’s consent to third-parties except in cases permitted by laws and regulations.

Continuous Improvement

The company strives continuously to strengthen and improve its security measures for the privacy policy by appointing a specialist for security management, setting internal regulations, educating employees and supervising.

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